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Data Transfer

Data Backups

Backup Hard Drive

The most recent and reliable site file information is obtained by typing:

  • Globus GridFTP:
    • Secure, robust data transfer using FTP protocol
    • Dedicated SER-CAT GridFTP onsite server; remote user data transfer will not drag down the local network and file access performance
    • User can start data transfer from SER-CAT archive system to their home institutions archive by using Globus Connect Personal protocol - anywhere, anytime
    • Interrupted data transfer can be resumed anytime
  • Sending a portable Linux hard drive (EXT3 formatted):
    • Windows and Mac formats (eg. FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, APFS, and HFS+) are NOT supported by SER-CAT
    • Make sure there is sufficient room on the hard drive for your anticipated backup requirements; be optimistic, and guesstimate high for your requirements
    • If the drive is brand new, SER-CAT staff can format to EXT3 format for you, before backing up your data to the drive