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Pin Loop Diagram

Pins, Bases and Pucks

Particular pin bases and pin lengths are required for working at SER-CAT. Suggested vendors and part numbers are included in the "More" section, below.

In addition, we suggest a few tips and pointers which can make life easier for everyone.

Tips and Suggestions; Suggested Vendors.

Shipping Dewars

Inside your shipping container, include a completed copy of this Remote User Information document, listing relevant User Contact and puck information.

(Clicking link automatically downloads file.)


Mailing Address

c/o John Chrzas,  
Sector 436B / SER-CAT Beamlines,  
9700 South Cass Avenue,  
Lemont, IL 60439,  
phone: 630-252-0645

Delivery Service

To assure smooth arrival of your shipping container at the beamlines, please use only FedEx Priority Next Day or UPS Next Day delivery options.

Do not use Ground delivery options; these run a significant risk of dewars warming up en route.

All in-coming shipping containers arrive via the ANL "Shipping and Receiving" department (typically closes at approximately 3pm, Monday-Friday; closed weekends). If your shipment arrives at ANL after 3pm M-F, or on a weekend, it will be retained on the courier delivery truck, then arrive at ANL via a second delivery attempt on the next available weekday.