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Sector Specific Orientation

22-ID-D Control Station



This orientation guide provides a description of most, but not necessarily all, of the points to be made to the User during the SER-CAT specific orientation and tour. It is to be used as a reference for the SER-CAT mentor as well as a handout to be given to the user for future reference.

For Hosts: SER_CAT_Sector_Orientation.docx

Emergency and Facility Safety

Safety Documentation and Information

A copy of the SER-CAT Safety Plan is available in the main book shelf located in the central office of 436B. APS specific information is available on-line at website Advanced Photon Source Safety Information; alternatively, you may e-mail either the beamline, or Nena Moonier (APS User Safety Representative).

Emergency Medical and Security Phone Numbers

The on-site emergency number is 911 and can be placed from any Laboratory telephone. Call 911 in any medical, fire, or safety emergency; then notify the APS and SER-CAT staff afterward. If using a personal cell phone, phone: 630-252-1911. APS can be notified by contacting the APS Floor Coordinator (see below).

Contact the APS Floor Coordinator

The Sector 22 Floor Coordinator is Ashley Wayman (Telephone 2-0602). If unavailable, call the on-duty floor coordinator's number at pager 2-0101. When paging, dial the number, respond to the prompt by entering the number from which you're calling, a "pound" sign (#), then hang up. The Floor Coordinator will generally return the call within five minutes.

Laboratory Emergency Notification and Egress Procedures

Fire Alarm: A continuously ringing alarm requires immediate evacuation of the building. Evacuate through any exit in Building 436. Assemble outside 437 LOM central Pentagon C and await directions from the Area Emergency Coordinator.

Severe Weather Warnings: A public address announcement and/or steady outdoor sirens. Proceed quickly to the Tornado Shelters located in the men's and women's washrooms in Building 436 LOM, central Pentagon C. The route to the Tornado Shelters is indicated by signs.

Telephones and Emergency Call Listings

A laboratory telephone is located on Column 131, near 22-ID-D. Inside D-hutch of 22-ID-D and C-hutch of 22-ID-E is a base unit which has the same functionality as a Laboratory telephone. Current emergency call listings are located near each phone.

User Restrictions

Users are not allowed to open the 22-ID-D-A , 22-ID-D-C, or 22-ID-E-A radiation enclosures and/or enter without SER-CAT staff present.

Users must not disturb any equipment with yellow or red tags marked "APS Configuration Control".

Users are not allowed to operate the beamline vacuum system, e.g., opening/closing valves.

Materials of BSL-2 or higher designation are not allowed to be used at SER-CAT.

For safety reasons, shoes with closed toes and heels must be worn on the experimental floor. Wearing of sandals is not allowed. Wearing of shorts or skirts in the experimental areas is only allowed if a laboratory coat is worn over them.


Beamline Safety and Operations

Tour of SER-CAT Facilities

A designated SER-CAT staff member will conduct an individualized tour of the facility for the Users. This tour will include an overview of the facility, operations instructions specific to the User's experiment, and required safety and procedural information. This tour will include all the points listed on the Beamline Orientation Checklist. Safety issues will be emphasized.


Personnel Safety System

A designated SER-CAT staff member will instruct the user on how to use the Personnel Safety System (PSS), conduct a successful search routine, and provide instructions on how to avoid radiation exposure and open the door of the radiation enclosure from inside the experimental hutch.