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Previous SER-CAT Symposia

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Symposium NumberStarting DateSymposium Details
  Institutional HostLocal Organizer
00October 18, 2002SER-CAT / APSBi-Cheng Wang
01March 19, 2004University of Alabama at BirminghamLarry DeLucas
02March 18, 2005Saint Jude Children's Research HospitalStephen White
03March 10, 2006Georgia State UniversityIrene Weber
04March 16, 2007National Institutes of Health / NCIAlex Wlodawer
05March 07, 2008Medical University of South CarolinaChristopher Davies
06March 20, 2009University of Alabama at HuntsvilleJoe Ng
07March 19, 2010Oakridge National LaboratoryLeighton Coats
08March 04, 2011North Carolina State UniversityBob Rose
09March 16, 2012University of KentuckyDavid Rodgers
10March 15, 2013Florida State UniversityHong Li
11April 25, 2014Combined with: 44th Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography MeetingPeter Sun
12March 13, 2015University of PittsburghBill Furey
13March 18, 2016Emory UniversityXiaodong Cheng
14April 07, 2017Scripps FloridaTina Izard
15April 13, 2018Georgia Institute of TechnologyRaquel Lieberman
16March 16, 2019University of AlabamaChampion Deivanayagam
17COVID-19; CancelledMedical University of South CarolinaChristopher Davies
18March 18, 2021Saint Jude Children's Research HospitalDarcie Miller
19October 20, 2022University of Georgia AthensBi-Cheng Wang and John Rose
20November 02, 2023University of Alabama at HuntsvilleJoe Ng