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SER-CAT Protocols


APS User Registration and Required Training

Your institution must have a User Agreement in place with the APS. Please check the Argonne User Facilities Agreement website to view a list user agreements which are currently in place. Please contact the User Office for more information.

The APS User Office is located in Building 401, Room B-1154. The telephone extension 2-9090.

  • The APS User Office requires all Users complete an APS User Registration Form.
    • If you are a new User, this will provide you with an APS badge number, which is required to participate in an experiment.
    • As of Spring 2016, all users must keep their registration current in order to participate in an experiment.
      • For U.S. citizens, registration will need to be completed every two years. Contact the User Office if you would like help.
      • Non-U.S. citizens will need to complete this at varying intervals which are dependent upon immigration documents. Contact the User Office for more information, and any help required.
      • Users who are non-U.S. citizens, or whose employers are located outside the USA, must have an indices check completed before they will be permitted to use Argonne resources. Please be aware that this step requires planning well in advance, as the indices check must be completed at least six weeks prior to entering Argonne (even via remote computer connections).
  • If your experiment will be on-site, you will also need to obtain a physical APS user badge for access to the ANL gate and the APS building. This can be obtained at the Visitor Center, just outside of the main gate.
  • All experiments must be accompanied by a Run-Wide APS Experimental Safety Approval Form (ESAF):
    • All experimenters who might conceivably collect data during the run must be listed. It is possible that a User's APS User Registration may still be awaiting final approval; under such circumstances, they will be listed on the ESAF as "Off-site/Co-proposer" status. As soon as final APS registration approval is obtained, they can e-mail the beamline requesting a change to "Remote" status, after which they will be allowed to actively collect data for the remainder of the run.
    • With the exception of the above situation, ALL Users must have valid APS User Registration and ESH training, covering the entire time-frame of the Run.  
    • All samples included in an experiment must be described in the ESAF, and must be designated using full-length wording protein nomenclature (no acronyms).
    • The Run-Wide ESAF must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the run.
  • Remote Users need only complete the following one, on-line safety training course:
  • On-site Users must complete the following, more comprehensive set of safety training courses:

End-of-Run Summary Requirement

Upon conclusion of your experiemnt, please complete the User End-of-Run Summary Form.